Favorite Models of Antique Gas Pumps for Restoration

Bennett 450                                    M&S 80

Bennett 541                                    M&S 80 Script Top

Bennett 646                                    Milwaukee 10-10

Bennett 256 Oil Can Rack               National Duplex

Bennett 156 Oil Can Rack               National Apex

Bowser Red Sentry                         National A-38

Bowser Xacto Sentry                      National A-62                  

Boyle Dayton Vizo                         Neptune 855 Red Seal

Clear Vision 201                            Ottawa Tall Ten

Erie 50                                          Tokheim 505

G&B Calco-Meter                         Tokheim 850  

Wayne 70                                     Display Gas Pump

Favorite Makes of Antique Gas Pumps for Restoration

American                        G&B                            Neptune

Aqua                              Gilbert & Barker            Ottawa

Bennett                          Gilbarco                        Raymond

Bennett-Shotwell             Guaranteed Liquid         Rush

Bowser                           Fry Guaranteed             St. Louis

Boyle Dayton                  Hawkeye Dart              Sharmeter

Butler                             Hayes                          Shotwell

Clear Vision                    Keesee                         A.O. Smith

Crouse Clear Vision         M&S                           Southwest

Dayton                           McDonald                    Tokheim

Doty                               Milwaukee                   Wayne

Erie                                Morrison Bros.             Wayne 60  

Fleckenstein                    National                        Showcase Gas Pump

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